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Here we are with fresh Lottery results and short stories have gained popularity in the entertainment industry all over the world. Lottery television is producing and launching the best dramas and Kerala Results from decades. And, all these STHREE SAKTHI shows are loved by not only Lottery but all over the globe.

As for the Kerala Results, Lottery Kerala Results are watched by many people and many of the Filipino STHREE SAKTHI Shows have 5 star ratings. So, this article features a Filipino Kerala Results that is the most watched and loved; by people from all over the world. If you too want to watch this or any other Lottery STHREE SAKTHI serial, drama, movie or show; you can easily watch all of them on lottery result. The Pinoy STHREE SAKTHI is basically an online streaming website from where you can watch all of your favorite Lottery STHREE SAKTHI shows in a good quality.

Also, if you want to catch up on this Filipino Kerala Results, ‘Be Careful with My Heart’; you can visit the Pinoy STHREE SAKTHI website and stream this Kerala Results for free anytime.

Be Careful With My Heart| Review

So, be careful with my heart is a Lottery Kerala Results that was first launched on 9 July 2012. And, the last episode of this Filipino Kerala Results was aired on 28th November 2014. So, this Pinoy Kerala Results was a 2 year show with many episodes and an epic story line.

Lottery Kerala Results

Many people started watching this amazing story of a family that battles everyday just to maintain their expenses and pay their bills. It is one of the most successful projects of Lottery STHREE SAKTHI. Be Careful with my Heart is created by Mel Mendoza- del Rosario. The story line of this Filipino Kerala Results is written by Nika Layson, Dexter Hemedez, Alpha Kristine, Denise O’Hara and Jimuel dela Cruz.

This Pinoy Kerala Results is based on 4 seasons and has a total of 622 episodes. Also, Be Careful with my Heart have won 10 different awards, so that makes it a must watch for everyone.

Lottery Kerala Results Review

Be Careful with my Heart is a story about a girl named Maya dela Rose, her older sister, Christina Rose and her son. Both the sisters live with their mother in San Nicolas. To pay their bills and fill their stomach, they run a souvenir shop there. Maya dreams of becoming a flight stewardess and her sister, Cristina wants to work at sea.

One night while fixing the roof, Christina falls down and breaks her leg and cannot complete her sea school training. With short income they couldn’t pay Christina’s medical bill. Maya then decides to work overseas to help her family. But when Maya reaches Manila to work, she finds out that the women that offered her the job has left. In Manila, she meets handsome man Richard, who offered her the job of a nanny to his 3 children.

Once she starts her job as a maid and a nanny, Maya finds herself getting involved in the private lives of Richard and his three children. Maya promises herself that she would be the bridge and will make the Richard household happy again. Overtime, Maya falls in love with the three problematic children and Richard too.


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